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Ephemeral: A Meditation for Lent

Ephemeral 05.20.39

Incense is often burned as an accompaniment to prayers.

The fire consumes,
a fragrant smoke rises,
and the ash is left behind.

When light pierces a void,
it cannot be discerned.

In the absence of light,
we cannot see the smoke. 

Burnt offerings as sacrifice.
The smoke also rises.
A fragrant offering? 

Perhaps it is just a reaching out. A prayer.
An interlocutor between the seen and the unseen. 

Or perhaps a reminder that we are, for now, both -
the seen and the unseen. 

The fire consumes,
a fragrant smoke rises,
and the ash is left behind.

Ephemeral 05.14.01
Ephemeral 05.12.36
Ephemeral 05.11.29
Ephemeral 05.18.31

© 2020. Deji Osinulu. (from work created for Ash Wed/Lent 2020 installation at Ecclesia Houston.)

Intersection: A Contemporary Art Show

Over the past year, I have had the privilege of being invited to and being a member of the @holyfamilyhtx's 2018 Artist Collective. It really has been beautiful to be a part of this group of amazing artists, to learn from them, break bread with them, and walk this journey alongside them.

In order, left to right: @sierra.estes, @toothwitch, @jessica_weaves, @ candice_builds

I am especially grateful to Lanecia (@larartstudio) for bringing us together and nurturing this gathering for connection and creation, and to Holy Family HTX for making space for, supporting, and making this thing possible in the first place.

In order, left to right: @srschae, @jessilanejohnson, @jhamiltonarnold , @beardencoleman

This past Saturday (April 27), we had the opening of the Art Exhibit that closes out (so to speak) our Collective. The show, titled "Intersection: A Contemporary Art Exhibit", runs through the 3rd of May and is being hosted by A 2nd Cup.

In order, left to right: @larartstudio, @danacaldera, @dejiosinulu

We will have an Artist Talk on Wednesday, May 1st (6:30 p.m. at A 2nd Cup) and I hope you can swing by to say hello, and to hear us talk and answer questions about the work. If you haven't already, it will also be an opportunity to see beautiful work created by these talented fellow artists in person!

P.S.: My contribution to the show is a collection of some portraits from my new & ongoing Pluribus series! :-)